Hi, I'm Jacky.

It all started with Jurassic Park, back when I was 8yrs old. For years and years I wanted to become a paleontologist, until eventually I realized that what I loved about that movie wasn't brushing away debris around fossils, but rather the live dinosaurs. That's how I found out about visual effects and I've been hooked ever since.

After briefly straying from my path of becoming a motiondesigner to dissect animals in Italy for a year (I really did that), I went to Hamburg, Germany, to study communication design. I graduated from Design Factory International in 2011.
After starting out as a 3D generalist for almost 5 years, I'm currently working as an FX Artist for companies such as RiseFX, MPC and Image Engine.


• Houdini
• Cinema4D
• Realflow
• Nuke
• After Effects


Jaclyn Stauber
10997 Berlin


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